Monday, September 13, 2010

Baking and Santa

Baked goods to me are like presents from Santa on Christmas morning.  I just want the delivery, I don't really care about the elves that made them, or how long it took you to get to my house.  I am quickly understanding that there is a lot of work and painstaking effort that goes into making that simple eclair.  Although there is still a few obstacles I am encountering with this Baking deal still.

First you have to understand something about me, I am not a morning person.  I generally dislike the idea of getting up early, and when asked I would prefer to sleep until noon everyday.  This I think may be an underlining issue with Baking, and the whole Pastry world in general.  Let me stand in front of a grill until 2am before you ever ask me to wake up at 3am to roll dough.  That will be met with a swift no, and a look that will haunt you in your sleep.  Again just have it there at the bakery for me, in case I do ever wake up before noon and decide I need something loaded with carbs and sugar to kill a nasty hangover.

While I was reading my Baking textbook or as I like to call it , "The road to restful sleeping" I discovered a another big obstacle with me and Baking.  You have to measure.  I know you actually have to go and find measuring spoons and measure out ingredients.  The idea makes me shake and bite my lip in a way that drives my wife Nicole crazy.  Measuring ingredients is crucial in the success of your baked good and if not done to properly can lead to something you wouldn't feed a dog.  So along with reading today I have been practicing actually holding the measuring spoons in my hand, I think may be getting the hand of this, but it will take practice.

So if I could go back and talk Santa for a moment,  I am sure glad I didn't have to learn how he got my Legos to me when I was five years old.  I am sure it would be filled with some very uninteresting information that would've made me sleep through to New Years.  Baking is going to take some convincing and some compromise..... ugh I hate that word.


Reedie said...

I have to say I enjoy baking when it goes well...but when it doesn' know. It's like chemistry. I like to experiment with cooking, but sometimes it's fun to just follow a recipe and know it will come out delicious. My nifty KitchenAid mixer helps too!

Ken said...

yeah when baking you have to follow rules and I am not a rules kind of guy. We'll see.