Thursday, September 9, 2010

Baking For Patience

As I start my second year at the Midwest Culinary Institute I find myself faced with the evil I like to call Baking.  I apologize Chef Ketover, but as of Tuesday I have avoided baking like the plague... and I mean like a real plaque like Bubonic where have your probably going to die and stuff.  Not sure specifically why I have avoided it but I think it deals with my little problem with patience.  I have a slight problem with patience, more like I don't really have the ability to be patient. 

Up to know I have quite well in all of my cooking labs because its about being efficient and being quick.  I found out quickly on Tuesday , while making some petite apple pies, that rushing through them is not the correct approach.  So as the chef instructor examined my pies she noticed that they seemed rushed and could have used some more attention to detail.  Although I was told that it tasted very good.

So somehow I need to find some patience and make sure I have it in my knife bag for next week.

Any suggestions?

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