Thursday, September 23, 2010


Just got done watching Top Chef: Just Desserts tonight while I was digesting my super awesome burger from Red Robin.  Yeah I love that place, don't judge.  Anyway, yeah Top Chef: Just Desserts was a horrible example of taking a really good brand and effing it up.  Sorry I am not much into doing reviews but I think the reality show genre has ran its course.  With so many shows out today it seems that there is a bunch of inbreed three eyed crap being made for TV viewing.

"I mean does everyone have to get in a car and take me to every damn restaurant in America? "
Food should be discovered by getting off of your couch and finding it yourself.  Some spiky haired dude wearing more jewelry than a busload of gray hairs heading to casino is not how you learn about food. And Guy if your reading, umm when your not using the sunglasses umm don't wear them backwards it makes  you look ummm weird.

I have seen the reality in a busy kitchen, its nothing like Gordon Ramsey yelling at a bunch of wanna be waffle house cooks on Hell's Kitchen.  No its a lot worse, and what I find, at least at school,  is that a lot students have no idea that Hell's Kitchen is no way reality.  The truth is that if they made a real reality show in a busy kitchen you wouldn't be able to show it on TV.  I mean nowhere on TV, it would make Jersey Shore look like brunch with your grandma.  If you need further clarification on this read Anthony Bourdain's,  Kitchen Confidential.

So I am not telling you to stop indulging in some funny unrealistic reality on TV.  Enjoy yourself, just don't watch Top Chef: Just Desserts because it is terrible.

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Peggy said...

I was iffy on watching Top Chef:Dessert because I didn't want it to be bad. I mean, I absolutely adore the original Top Chef (this season was kind of so-so), and didn't want to have it be ruined for me. I think I'll go with your advice and not get too absorbed into the Dessert version. =)