Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Life is like a box of rocks, never easy to swallow or digest. I guess when you break it down into smaller pieces it can be tolerable but never easy. I know, not a good start, keep reading I promise I will ease up on the niceties. Again with the sarcasm, well get use to it, I make it a common practice here, feel free to join in. So where was I, all yeah life. Funny how I just drop it as just life, but when you say that word it means different things to everyone. For some it may be a nice life with a new someone or it can be a quick ending to something you thought would last forever. For me its neither. When I say life, I think of how things fall to together in a puzzle that you will never have a table big enough in your head to put together.

I find sometimes all of my worrying comes from realizing I may not know whats next. Will I be ready? Will I know what to do or say? Uncertainty, for many can be a constant struggle and stressor, or it can be a fun ride that you hope never ends. When I consider the unknown I try to stand brave and hope I am ready, but am I? Some say, "Life comes at you fast." Is that true? Or is it that we don't slow down enough to make sense of it all. Sometimes I wonder is this really how it was planned for me? Then I roll over and listen to Nicole sleep and close my eyes, slow down and smile because I realize the answer is yes. Yes this is the script, this is how its playing out. The funny part is twenty years ago you could have sat me down and asked me to imagine myself at my age and I would've never said this would be how it unfolded. For the longest time I would try to measure myself on stuff, cars, houses, and other worldly stuff. Now I try to measure it by smiles I see and the company I keep. If you take that to the bank I would be the richest man in town like George Baily.

So I am not going drop a, "I learned something today" line like the ending of a CBS after school special. What I will say is that sometimes you have to close your eyes and let the tide take you out to sea. Let the waves relax you instead of scare you to death. Know if life happens you can always count on yourself to know the way. In life make waves, and don't be afraid where they lead you. Because where you are going is right where you belong.

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Andrea said...

great post Ken! I have been learning recently also that I am where I am supposed to be, all plans be damned!