Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gift Giving

Hi everyone, how is everything going? For Nicole and I we are a little behind this year with putting up the tree and such. We plan on doing it this weekend among other Christmas related activities. By the way, it's Christmas for me. You can call it what you want. But that is a separate blog for a later date.

One of the activities this weekend for Nicole and I will be buying gifts for the lucky few that made our list. Sorry if you didn't make the list, if you received a Christmas card consider yourself Anyway when Nicole and I look at our list we always have problems knowing what to buy for certain people. Normally its because how do you buy for someone who has everything?

With that said let me share you are a story that I heard a few days ago. A friend of mine knew someone who was playing Santa this year for a local community. He was telling me that about one particular little girl who had a very somber request when he asked, "What do you want for Christmas little girl?" Her response is something that makes me sit back and really bring things in focus for me. The little girl turned to him in her old dirty clothes and said, "I want a hamburger." When I hear that it makes me understand how out of touch I am with the basic need to give back.

So this Christmas when you are shopping for the person who has everything stop and consider the person who has nothing. Don't let Christmas get you frustrated and worried about that special gift. Because you can always donate or give in some one's name. Don't forget it may just be a hamburger that someone may need this Christmas.

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Nicole said...

Good post. I think its funny you said a friend of yours told you the story...when you could have just said your wife. LOL. I did have the joy today of buying for a little boy whose family needs help. I think I spent more money on him then my niece and nephew.