Saturday, December 13, 2008

Blue Christmas

So its Christmas time and I am feeling kind of dismissed from it all. As I get older I seem to be losing the spirit of Christmas. I seem to be going through the motions of it all. Buying gifts, putting up lights and the tree, and doing the variety of Christmas activities. This year I find myself, more than ever, trying to ring out the last ounce of enjoyment of Christmas. Sometimes I sit quietly and try to remember of Christmas's past and seek enjoyment in those memories. Although I am worried that will grow dry and then where will I be? So do you feel like this? Probably not, I am unique in how I feel sometimes. Some one use to say to me,

"You have to just enjoys things for what they are, not what you think they should be."

That person was my Dad. I guess I need to listen to him.

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Craig said...

I hate Christmas because no one knows what it's all about anymore. Why should we have to deal with all the crowds, sales and last-minute shopping for the next gift when what we should be doing is relaxing with our family and friends, just happy to spend time with them and push away the daily grind for a few hours or days if we're lucky.