Tuesday, December 30, 2008


From Wedding 2008

Good Morning everyone out there wherever you may dwell. Now that Nicole and I are a one vehicle family I am up early driving her to work. With a nice cup of joe this morning I was a little more aware than normal. Which is good because Nicole likes to "help" me drive sometimes and if I am grumpy its not pretty. On my way home I realized that this year is closing fast and what do I have to show for 363 or so days? Not sure on the leap year deal and right now I am too lazy to look it up.

First of all, the biggest highlight of my year was my amazing wedding on the beach in Jamaica. Just writing that sentence still gives me chills. Reason being is because for a short little fat guy from Kentucky it was something I would've never imagine being able to do. Not because of the cost, but moreover to find the perfect person to share it with, what a difference that makes. My best memory was our last night and me surprising Nicole with a candle light dinner on the beach. Her eyes lit up that night and her smile keep me warm. That is night I will never forget.

Another cool thing I discovered this year was cycling. As Nicole reads this I am sure she will be rolling her eyes. This is because I tend to jump into things head first. Cycling was no different, I bought a Trek bike and thought I was going to be riding everywhere in no time. Yeah, one problem with that, I am fat. Being fat may be fine for my old hobby of working on my Camaro, but as for cycling it is not a good attribute. So this year I need to remind myself, "Baby steps Bob."

Finally this year has allowed me to build lifetime memories with friends. One memory that stands out this year was a call I got from my friend Casey from the hospital at 3am shortly before he became a new father. The excitement in his voice was priceless. Then a few months later being asked to be the godfather to Lauren, what an honor. Also this year I have been able to reconnect with my old friends up north Andrea and Christian. You are good people and can't wait to see you guys this upcoming year.

So this year has been pretty robust. Can't wait to see what next year has to offer. Take sometime today to reflect on what this year has meant to you. Maybe it was uneventful for you or maybe it brought some big changes. Some say never look back, but sometimes its fun to see the road you have paved.

Happy New Years.

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Andrea said...

Happy New Year Ken and Nicole! 2009 is going to be an awesome year for everyone!